Getting Started

Everything you need to know about getting behind the wheel and learning to drive.

Applying for your provisional license

Applying for your provisional license

Provisional License

The very first thing you need to do before learning to drive is to apply for a provisional driving license.  You may apply once you're 15 years and 9 months old, although car entitlement will only come into force on your 17th birthday.

You can apply online by clicking here  or pop in to your local post office for a form. 

Once you've received your provisional license you can legally drive under supervision on UK roads.

Driving instructor Green Badge

Driving instructor Green Badge

Choose an instructor

Choosing a Driving Instructor may be a daunting prospect.  What is the Instructor like?  Will they shout if I make a mistake?  What if I don't feel comfortable?

We've all heard stories about poor quality Instructors, and it's true that not all Driving Instructors provide the same standard of training.  So how will you avoid experiencing such stories yourself?

You could ask friends and family for recommendations or research reviews from those who have personal experience of your local Driving Instructors; for example reviews which are verified for authenticity.  

Once you've settled on a few options, give them all a call.  (Tip: prepare a few questions in advance) 

Ask yourself the following: How easy was it to make contact?  How friendly did they sound?  Were they helpful, prepared to spend time with you and offer advice?  What percentage of their pupils pass first time?  What extra training have they done recently?

Don't forget it's not just about the price of lessons, as a seemingly expensive but high quality trainer will often help you through your driving test in far fewer lessons.

How long will it take?

How long will it take?

How Long

The time it takes to learn to drive differs greatly.  There will always be those who pick things up quickly and those who need to work a little harder.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), who are in charge of driving tests, quote a national average of 47 hours with an approved driving instructor as well as 20 hours of private practice.  

These national averages can be significantly reduced where Driving Instructors are using the latest coaching techniques, recognising a pupils learning preference and adapting the way they teach specifically to that preference.