Choosing an Instructor

Not everybody learns in the same way, so to imagine there’s only one way to learn to drive would be very far from the truth.  Choosing a driving instructor who is flexible in the methods they use to teach is of paramount importance; whether you have a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or read/write learning preference, you need someone who can tune into your way of learning which will in turn speed up the learning process which ultimately leads to passing your test and becoming a safe confident driver.  Chris has gone beyond the standard training for driving instructors to become a 'Coach for Driving Development' putting him at the forefront of modern driver training.  He operates in the Stourbridge and Kingswinford areas.

How long?

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), who are in charge of driving tests, quote a national average of 47 hours with an approved driving instructor as well as 20 hours of private practice.  When learning in Stourbridge with Chris, who uses the latest coaching style of tuition, recognising the most suitable learning preference and tailoring lessons specifically to pupils, the national average can be reduced considerably. 

Why Chris?

Chris is not only qualified and authorised by DVSA to provide driving lessons, he also holds Professional award in Coaching for Driver Development which means you can be confident in developing your knowledge and skills rapidly.  Chris will put you in control what you learn, what order you learn it in and how quickly you wish to learn it.  You will never experience the frustrations of sitting quietly, listening to something you already know as Chris is skilled at drawing from your current knowledge and building upon it.  Driving lessons in Stourbridge need to be fun because it’s easier to learn something you’re enjoying, so Chris aims to create a comfortable atmosphere for learning to take place. 

If you learn to drive with Chris in Stourbridge, the car you’ll be driving is a Skoda Citigo, which is also badged as a VW up and Seat Mii.  It’s the perfect car to learn to drive in, light to the touch and easy to judge the front and rear extremities.  It’s got a 1.0 litre petrol engine which means you’ll be learning in the type of car you’ll probably be choosing as your first car.

The Car?

Before beginning to learn to drive in Stourbridge you’ll need to apply for your provisional driving license.  This is available to do online by clicking here or you can fill out a form from you local post office.  Once you have your provisional license you can book lessons with Chris by phone, text or email.

Provisional License

Next comes the Theory Test which is made up of two sections:  In the first section you are required to answer 50 multiple choice taken from the highway code scoring 43 to pass.  You have just under an hour to complete the questions (57 minutes).  The second section is called the hazard perception test in which you watch a series of video clips and identify each developing hazard.  There are 14 clips in total with 15 developing hazards to identify.  You can find out more about the theory test here

There are plenty of revision aids available however Chris recommends the DVSA’s own Theory test kit available as an apple or android app or as a DVD and other formats here  You can download a free copy of the Highway Code here  Once you’ve revised and prepared for the theory test you can book your theory test here

Theory Test

The practical test is your opportunity to show a DVSA examiner that you can drive safely and considerately on the roads.  The test starts with an eyesight check where you’re required to read a number plate over a distance of 20.5 meters.  You’ll be asked 2 “show me tell me” question which is related to certain car controls and car safety checks (one when stationary and one whilst you're driving).  You can see all the show me tell me questions here

You’ll then be asked to drive for approximately 40 minutes during which you’ll drive independently, using a Sat Nav or following signs / directions, for about 20 minutes and perform one reverse manoeuvres, either ‘parallel park’, 'pull up on the right and reverse' or ‘ forward or reverse bay park’.  During your driving test the examiner will be monitoring your driving for any faults which will be noted as minor driving faults, serious faults or dangerous faults.  A pass is achieved by registering fifteen or less minor faults and no serious or dangerous faults.  The overall national average pass rate is just 48%.  Success lies in comprehensive preparation.

The Lower Gornal Driving Test Centre is the most local to Stourbridge.

You can book your practical driving test here


Practical Test